The IFAR Early Career Network is composed of researchers, students, and other employees in aviation research from IFAR member agencies. We aim to support the growth of young researchers with high potential for national and international leadership. 

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Face-to-Face Gatherings

International Conference on High-Speed Vehicle Science and Technology - HiSST 2018

Event held in Moscow, Russia

November 26-29

You are kindly invited to become a part of the International Conference on High-Speed Vehicle Science and Technology - HiSST 2018!

The HiSST promotes open discussion between research institutions, academia and industry from around the globe on research and development of enabling technologies for supersonic to high-speed vehicles.

In honor of TsAGI’s 100th Anniversary, HiSST 2018 is hosted by TsAGI in Moscow, Russia on 26–29 of November with the support of CEAS.

Conference topics cover High-Speed Missions and Vehicles, Propulsion Systems and Components, Thermal, Energy and Management Systems, Guidance & Control Systems, Materials and Structures, High-Speed Aerodynamics and Aerothermodynamics, Testing & Evaluation, Operation and Environment, Hypersonic Fundamentals and History.


Virtual Gatherings 


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Prior ECN Events

See recordings of all virtual sessions here.


Face to Face: TsAGIYoung Researcher Conference, Russia

Virtual Session: Advanced Sonic Boom Analysis Using the Full-Field Simulation by Dr. Dr. Rei Yamashita, 18 October, 2018

Virtual Session: A Comparison of Strong and Weak Coupling Schemes for Computational Aeroelasticity in OpenFOAM by Sabet Seraj, 22 July, 2018

Virtual Session: VKI PHD Symposium by various speakers, 7 March, 2018

Virtual Session: 
Validation of Intermittency Model for Transition Prediction in a RANS Flow Solver by Donato de Rosa, 22 February, 2018


Virtual Session: NRC Early Career Network (NRC-ECN): Successes and Challenges by Amin Fereidooni , 19 December 2017

Virtual Session: GPU-accelerated CFD Simulations for Turbomachinery Design Optimization,  13 December 2017

Virtual Session: From Invention to Patent by Jason Davis, NRC Canada, 23 August 2017

Face to Face: TsAGI (Russia) "NEW GENERATION" Program at MAKS 2017, Participant Page: [New Generation MAKS 2017]  (if not logged into IFARlink, scroll below the dashboard to access page's content)

Virtual Session: VKI Graduate Student Master Thesis Symposium, 29 June 2017

Face to Face: ONERA Paris Air Show 2017, 17-23 June 2017

Virtual Session: JAXA Research and Design of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for a Disaster Risk Reduction, JAXA, 14 June 2017

Virtual Session: Computational Analysis and Proposed Redesign of the 3-Stage Axial Compressor in the 11-by-11-Foot Transonic Wind Tunnel at NASA Ames Research Center, by Sameer Kulkarni, NASA, 24 May 2017

Virtual Session: Prototype Design and Computational Fluid Dynamics by Alexandru Persinaru, INCAS, 19 April 2017

Virtual Session: Real-Time Safety Monitoring and Prediction in the National Airspace by Matthew Daigle, NASA, 22 March 2017

Virtual Session: Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics PhD Research Symposium by various speakers, VKI, 3 March 2017

Virtual Session: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Activities within ONERA, ONERA, 27 February 2017


Face to Face: Tour of Johnson Space Center, USA

Face to Face: Mentoring Session at AIAA Conference, USA

Face to Face: Young Researcher Conference at the IFAR Summit, South Korea

Virtual Session: AIRCAST - A Model Suite for the Next Generation of Aviation Scenarios, DLR, 26 August 2016

Virtual Session: Composites, Ceramics, and Coatings: Game-Changing Materials for the Next Generation of Turbine Engines, NASA, 18 May 2016

Virtual Session: 21st Century Aviation Challenges: 47th Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Aeronautical and Space Sciences, JAXA/NASA, 15 April 2016

Virtual Session: Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics PhD Research Symposium, VKI, 3 March 2016


Face to Face: Young Researcher Conference at the IFAR Summit, Moffett Field, USA, October 2015

Virtual Session: Alternative Fuels Virtual Gathering, NRC/TsAGI, 16 September 2015

Virtual Session: Air Traffic Management, JAXA/NASA, 20 May 2015

Virtual Session: Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics PhD Research Symposium, VKI, 13 March 2015

Virtual Session: 3rd International Conference on Buckling and Postbuckling Behavior of Laminated Shell Structures with DESICOS Workshop, DLR, 25 March 2015


Face to Face: Young Researcher Conference at the IFAR Summit, Zhuhai, China

Virtual Session: IFAR Kickoff, DLR/NASA, 21 August 2014


 Face to Face: Young Researcher Conference at the IFAR Summit, Russia