The IFAR Early Career Network is composed of researchers, students, and other employees in aviation research from IFAR member agencies. We aim to support the growth of young researchers with high potential for national and international leadership. 

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Scroll through the following page to learn more about the following and to register for public events:

Virtual Gatherings:

- 23 August: "From Invention to Patent," by Jason Davis, NRC (Canada) [REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT]


Face-to-Face Gatherings:

- TsAGI (Russia) "NEW GENERATION" Program at MAKS 2017, Participant Page: [New Generation MAKS 2017]

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Virtual Gatherings



23 August 2017: 9:00-10:00 AM ET (Washington, DC)

Presenter: Jason Davis, patent agent of the Canadian Patent Office

Abstract: The process of patenting can be daunting the first few times researchers go through it.  The patenting game is not necessarily what researchers are equipped for, having mastered the academic game.  In this talk, we will discuss what:
     a. constitutes an invention, to give researchers a better idea about when to disclose inventions;
     b. constitutes prior art, and how novelty and obviousness are considered, and how to search;
     c. information you can supply as a researcher that would improve the invention review process, and the    patent drafting process; and
     d. properties of inventions may make them more suitable for trade secret protection, patenting, or publication.  
We will also touch on finding and reading patents and applications so you can get a better idea about what to expect from a patent application.

Biography: Jason E J Davis is a patent agent of the Canadian Patent Office, with reciprocal privileges to represent before the United States Patent Office.  He has been working at the National Research Council of Canada for the past 11 years, and has some specific experience across the Aerospace discipline, for example including: artificial intelligence for structural health monitoring; non-destructive testing; vibration control systems; composite forming; flight control laws; thermal sprayed environmental barrier coatings; modelling and simulation; and sensors.  Prior to joining NRC, he spent 5 years in training at a top tier business law firm that is known today as Norton Rose Fulbright.  His work for NRC consists in filing and prosecuting patent applications, and advising on how to protect IP, for Aerospace as well as several other engineering and physics-based research groups.  His undergraduate degree was in Physics-Mathematics and Masters was in Philosophy (Logic, and Foundations of Mathematics with a bit of AI on the side).  Outside of work, he is mostly a family man from the National Capital Region of Canada, but has volunteered in IP education, most recently as Chair of the Public Awareness Committee for the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada.


Face-to-Face Gatherings and Opportunities


No Current Upcoming Opportunities - please check back later for updates

Prior ECN Events

See recordings of all virtual sessions here.


  • Virtual Session: VKI Graduate Student Master Thesis Symposium
  • Face to Face: Paris Air Show 2017
  • Virtual Session: JAXA Research and Design of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for a Disaster Risk Reduction, JAXA, 14 June 2017
  • Virtual Session: Computational Analysis and Proposed Redesign of the 3-Stage Axial Compressor in the 11-by-11-Foot Transonic Wind Tunnel at NASA Ames Research Center, by Sameer Kulkarni, NASA, 24 May 2017
  • Virtual Session: Prototype Design and Computational Fluid Dynamics by Alexandru Persinaru, INCAS, 19 April 2017
  • Virtual Session: Real-Time Safety Monitoring and Prediction in the National Airspace by Matthew Daigle, NASA, 22 March 2017
  • Virtual Session: Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics PhD Research Symposium by various speakers, VKI, 3 March 2017
  • Virtual Session: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Activities within ONERA, ONERA, 27 February 2017


  • Face to Face: Tour of Johnson Space Center, USA
  • Face to Face: Mentoring Session at AIAA Conference, USA
  • Face to Face: Young Researcher Conference at the IFAR Summit, South Korea
  • Virtual Session: AIRCAST - A Model Suite for the Next Generation of Aviation Scenarios, DLR, 26 August 2016
  • Virtual Session: Composites, Ceramics, and Coatings: Game-Changing Materials for the Next Generation of Turbine Engines, NASA, 18 May 2016
  • Virtual Session: 21st Century Aviation Challenges: 47th Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Aeronautical and Space Sciences, JAXA/NASA, 15 April 2016
  • Virtual Session: Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics PhD Research Symposium, VKI, 3 March 2016


  • Face to Face: Young Researcher Conference at the IFAR Summit, Moffett Field, USA, October 2015
  • Virtual Session: Alternative Fuels Virtual Gathering, NRC/TsAGI, 16 September 2015
  • Virtual Session: Air Traffic Management, JAXA/NASA, 20 May 2015
  • Virtual Session: Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics PhD Research Symposium, VKI, 13 March 2015
  • Virtual Session: 3rd International Conference on Buckling and Postbuckling Behavior of Laminated Shell Structures with DESICOS Workshop, DLR, 25 March 2015


  • Face to Face: Young Researcher Conference at the IFAR Summit, Zhuhai, China
  • Virtual Session: IFAR Kickoff, DLR/NASA, 21 August 2014


  •  Face to Face: Young Researcher Conference at the IFAR Summit, Russia